cmOS Engineering


The cmOS Engineering LCP1 is an NMRA/LCC/OpenLCB compliant node implementing a CAN segment 32 Producer/Consumer layout interface. Additionally, a further 20 producers/consumers are included in the form of logic elements.

Interface Elements: Are divided into 2 groups (Port A) and (Port B) of 8 elements. Each element can be individually configured as an input or output, active high or active low, given a meaningful name, and activation/deactivation event IDs assigned. Additionally, two ports of 8 elements each are provided which provide additional layout interface capability. These two ports interface directly with cmOS Engineering Layout Interface Cards (LIC) details of these are available here.

Logic Elements: Each logic element can be configured as a Timer (0.5,1,2,4, or 8 seconds), or logic function (and/or/xor/nand/nor)

Preliminary user manual here.
Dimensions Mounting Weight
Width: 70mm Height: 60mm       4 x 3.5mm holes 39g - 1.35oz
Operating Storage
-40°C to 85°C; Humidity <90% -60°C to 150°C; Humidity <90%
Absolute Maxima Supply Voltage 13.8 Volts Voltage on any input/output pin: Max 5.2V Min -0.2V
DC current per input/output pin 35mA - Total 300mA for all pins
Supply Voltage Min 7.0V - Max 12.8V; Reverse voltage protected
Supply Current - All outputs off 35mA
Connectors 1 x 7mm Input Power, centre pin positive35mA
2x RJ45 Ethernet Looping Power and CAN ground Jumper Option
2 x 10 Screw Terminal for input/output connection with +5V and Ground
2 x 20 Pin Enhancement/Expansion (cmOS Engineering LIC) ports
CAN Termination Passive bypassed split resistors (Jumper Option)
OPENLCB At least minimum requirements compliant
NMRA/LCC At least minimum requirements S9.7 compliant
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