cmOS Engineering

LCPUSB USB to CAN interface

The cmOS Engineering USB to CAN interface is primarily intended to interface between computer/control systems and model railway layouts running Layout Command & Control (LCC).

Power can be injected into the CAN bus or drawn from it.

The LCPUSB is supplied with jumper selectable CAN termination.

User Manual here.

Windows Drivers here. MAC drivers here.
Dimensions Mounting Weight
Width: 70mm Height: 60mm       4 x 3.5mm holes 30g - 1.05oz
Operating Storage
-40°C to 85°C; Humidity <90% -60°C to 150°C; Humidity <90%
Absolute Maxima Supply Voltage 13.8 Volts
Supply Voltage Min 7.0V - Max 12.8V; Reverse voltage protected
Supply Current 35mA
Connectors 1 x 7mm Input Power, centre pin positive35mA
2x RJ45 Ethernet Looping Power and CAN ground Jumper Option
CAN Termination Passive bypassed split resistors (Jumper Option)
USB 2.0 Maximum serial data rate 333K Baud
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